Welcome to Domino International, the Web Site for young people thinking about setting up their own business.

Being an Entrepreneur has many benefits, independence, control, reward for your own effort and simply the feeling of "being your own boss", but there are drawbacks too, so setting up a business isn't for everyone.

In this Web Site you can explore whether entrepreneurship is for you, help find and assess a business idea, prepare a business plan, and source the funding and support you're going to need.

There are quizzes, information to read and download, business simulation games, links to sites we've personally researched and competitions with great prizes. In fact all you need to do is Domino International.

In addition, over the following pages are a series of entrepreneurial quizzes and aptitude tests to help you assess your own strengths and weaknesses.


This should not be confused with cockiness or bragging (remember, the quietest person in the room might also be the most confident). Confidence refers to having faith in yourself and your ideas. You'll need this, especially when things get rough. Most people gain confidence by doing something successfully a number of times. Consider investing time building your confidence as part of your preparation to run a business. Train yourself to concentrate on positives and successes, take a public speaking course, or join a business or entrepreneurs club.


Call it passion, drive, desire, or just plain want, but motivation is what makes you choose to become an entrepreneur. Here's how some entrepreneurs explain their motivation to succeed: "Doing what I like to do". "Control over my own destiny." "Feeling of worthiness. Proving a valuable service and being in demand". "Being happy with myself. Being proud of what I'm doing."


Be honest with yourself. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, self-awareness allows you to recognise them and take the necessary action. Bad with maths? Hate bookkeeping? Then hire a bookkeeper and put your time and effort to more productive use!

Competitive Drive

This doesn't mean you must have a burning desire to always be first or to squash the competition. It does mean that, in business, there are usually other people trying to do what you do except better, faster or cheaper. You must be able to accept that fact and react accordingly. Are you willing to put in the time to see the job through to the end? Do you use your initiative, seize the opportunity and persevere?